I am absolutely mortified and disgusted with United Airlines’ behavior on our recent flight from Paris to San Francisco. At Charles De Gaulle airport, the UA gate agents told me my 19-month-old son was not allowed in First Class with me because he had ticket for a different class. Apparently…

If you want to feel more in control, more empowered, happier and less stressed in all your relationships setting clear boundaries is a good way to do that.

I’ve worked hard on setting healthy boundaries with family and friends. It was challenging when I first moved away from home, my…

Why I Don’t Network (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)

Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from?

These questions are staples of the job networking circuit — and why I hate the practice. In fact, I don’t believe in the concept at all. Rather than bringing together…

Mira Veda

Entrepreneur, mother and founder of Lipstick & Politics.

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